We were invited to OMMF with our electroconductive posters.
It was a great experience. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!


in progress

At cantaloop we are developing a new project, based on electroconductive paint. We've been looking for the right recipe and the right way to apply it into an interactive póster.

It's been a great process. We're looking forward to get to the end!


Set de Improvización

Josué Amador / Guitar
Eduardo Melendez / Sax+Code
Gabriela Gordillo / electronics

dic 2013


a book as a score.


"Ruidos del trabajo y Sonidos de resistencia"

Con motivo del primero de mayo, propusimos una exploración sonora colaborativa y compartida del mundo del trabajo en todas sus concepciones –y decepciones-.

La idea ha sido conformar, por un lado, un repositorio abierto y libre de sonidos que remiten a las diferentes atmósferas sonoras laborales; por otro, configurar a partir de estas aportaciones un continuum sonoro colaborativo que fué emitido el 1 de mayo desde



Exhibition at Action-Art Actuel, Saint-Jean sur Richelieu (Quebec), as the result of an artist residency during May-2013.



Artist-in-recidence program at Action-Art Actuel, at Saint-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

"Pulsars" is an observation on time. A water drop falls with a regular frequency changing the space of a container, evolving it's pitch and sound, as the amount of water grows. The sound is recorded into a loop that merges all the sounds that have passed with every new one, creating a composition with all the preceding instants.

The drop is recorded with a piezoelectric and recorded through puredata. An ultrasonic sensor modifies the repetition loop with a person's presence. affecting the quality of the sound. The sequence is always being recorded.

(Video by Hugo Escalpelo) / Thanks to Centro Multimedia, and Action-Art Actuel


Publication by LEA Ediciones, a compilation on sounds about our politic enviroment and the Economic Meltdown.


I started a new blog. (the magnet scores). A feed of screenshots that shows some graphic process, through a collection of graphic glitches provided by the screen's aesthetic.

...Thinking design (and art) are always a work in progress.


starts here.